• Enjoy voting privileges at our Annual General Meeting.
  • Keep up to date on Hospice News & Events.
  • Participate in the overall advancement of our organization.

The cost of a Hospice Membership is $10.00 per year and it is open to the public.
Drop into the office, call, or e-mail us to obtain the membership form, to become a member.
Remember: Your membership must be current to be able to vote at the AGM.

Telephone: (613) 966-6610 | Email: [email protected]

Our Board

Hospice Quinte’s volunteer Board of Directors provides governance and strategic leadership for the organization.  The board meets on the fourth Monday of each month (except for July and August) at 5pm.  There are several standing committees of the Board, including Governance, Finance, and Residential Hospice.  Board Members are expected to participate in at least one standing committee and become a Member of Hospice Quinte for a nominal fee.

The Hospice Quinte Board strives to have representation from a number of professional sectors including accounting, financial, legal, strategic planning, operational planning, business, marketing, media, community involvement, human resources, risk management, corporate public relations, communications, and government relations.

Telephone: (613) 966-6610 | Email: [email protected]